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Vanderhurd - Spinning a Yarn

In our numerous collaborations with Vanderhurd, WOOLF have used rugs and dhurries in countless forms, as floor coverings or as pieces of art on walls. Construction techniques are as old as the cultures that they stem from, made in painstaking detail, usually woven by hand on looms, knot by knot. For over 30 years, Vanderhurd has created handmade rugs in a wide range of complex constructions:

SILK DHURRIES - The exclusive use of silk yarn in the weaving of the dhurries requires a yarn spinning technique that is entirely unique.

WOOL DHURRIES - These use the best wool, both hand and mill spun to create respectively a more casual or sophisticated look.

HEMP DHURRIES - These are environmentally friendly, particularly when un-dyed yarn is used in the weaving, with it’s pleasing natural variations in colour. The hemp fiber is durable and a more malleable alternative to sisal. 

PENTA - A unique construction developed by Vanderhurd combining both hand woven and hand knotted elements in the one carpet. 

SAFI - A hand knotted Wool, Silk or Wool and Silk blend hand clipped to an extra low or low pile height. 

LISBOA - Combines a hand woven soumak flat weave and a hand knotted cut pile both in a linen / viscose blend.

MOQUETTE - A cut pile construction with a grid textured weave, hand knotted with fine New Zealand wool.

NEPALESE - The practice of traditional Tibetan knotting on a metal rod gives the carpet a fine linear texture. Nepalese carpets can be made with the thinnest of rods lending the surface a smooth and tight finish. Alternatively, they can be knotted on a thicker rod resulting in a more defined linear texture.

HAND AND GUN TUFTED - A a tufted carpet in both hand spun and mill spun viscose or wool, or a combination of the two.