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The Louvre Museum

The Converse & The Inverse

When WOOLF recently visited the exquisite Musée du Louvre, we observed that the extraordinary architecture of the Louvre plays off the polarity of the converse and the inverse. The 20th Century severe paired down glass pyramid structure is juxtaposed against the incredibly ornate of the 12th Century historic building. The modern converse structure is contrasted against the historic inverse structure. 

Has it worked? The Musée du Louvre contains more than 380,000 objects and displays 35,000 works of art within eight departments plus a dedicated permanent collection. The Louvre exhibits sculptures, objets d'art, paintings, drawings, and archaeological finds. It is the world's most visited museum, averaging 15,000 visitors per day, 65 percent of whom are foreign tourists. 

The blending of the modern and historic architectural coalescence is a cultural norm. Aside from the amazing array of art work on display, the architecture of the Louvre is a pure postmodernist space, which remains one of the most significant and outstanding international design icons.